Reflect The Truth

The City You Cannot Go Back To


This is a story about collecting memories.

In China new buildings, roads and cars are viewed by the governors and the people as a source of wealth and happiness.

Destruction and reconstruction is rapidly increasing in the cities. These changes harm people who have lived there for years. There are memories in these locations; memories of childhood, working, living and loving. As homes, schools and workplaces are destroyed so too are the memories attached to them.

These images attempt to protect personal memories by preserving fragments of my past places, spaces and objects.

After 10 years working as a prison officer in China, Guangxi An became a journalist for local newspapers, then  the team leader of the photojournalism department of The Oriental Morning Post in Shanghai.

In 2008, he began studying the MA degree in Photography of Bolton. He travelled to the University of Missouri as a visiting professional fellow in 2010.