Reflect The Truth

In Where Were You? Catherine investigates contemporary news and media consumption, predominantly regarding tragedy and terrorism. The prints and book work together to comment on intimate connections to tragedy by way of news media rather than direct personal experience. It is an examination of the discussion around the attacks that took place on September 11th, 2001 in New York City, and, furthermore, the various participant’s reactions, perspectives and insight that accompany the way the story is told to this day. Where Were You? highlights the infiltration of news media into everyday life and the subsequent confusion between virtual association and real life experience that follows in recalling a history.

Originally from New York, Catherine graduated from The University of Wesminster in 2016 and is currently based in London.




这些图片和书揭露了悲剧等话题往往借助新媒体去表达而不是个人的直接经历。这是一个讨论试题关于恐怖袭击在纽约2001年9月11号。此外,各个不同领域参与者的观点领悟也展示了同样的反应。“那时你在哪里?” 强调新媒体在我们的日常生活的渗透性,续后的在实质社会组织和真实经历的混淆去回忆历史。

Catherine Sanderson 纽约人,2016年她在伦敦毕业于西敏大学摄影研究专业,现居伦敦。