Reflect The Truth


This project is about exploring and questioning places, identity, humanity and nature. It is based on Nordic landscapes  – from the Northern Arctic Circle, to Highlands, to the remoteness of Iceland where landscapes are mixed with feelings and can trigger a sense of solitude that reaches the deepest part of me. It is about identifying these places, whether being nature or human and the connection between them. The simplest, purest, minimized natural Nordic landscapes and their horizons somehow metaphorically reflect the alienation of humanity.

North’ nothing’ nowhere –
I go north, it’s my nature.

Jennifer Lei Wang is a visual artist based in London and Beijing. With a background in art and visual design, she is interested in avant-garde and her visual practice often addresses to human (femininity) subjectivity.

“未安置的” : 疏离疏远的自然和本性
从北极圈到北高地,到疏远的冰岛,“未安置的”摄影系列探寻,识别地方,自然和人的本性。这些极北边人迹罕至的地方和原生态自然景观触发了我心灵最深处的本性和渴望, 探寻识别这些极度的北方和我,和人类的接连共同性。最简单最纯洁的最北边景观和他们无止境的地平线同时隐喻反省了关于人类自我的疏离。

“ 北边,荒芜的,无处的。

Jennifer Lei Wang 王蕾,视觉艺术家。现居伦敦。北京中国解放军艺术学院,伦敦西敏大学毕业。从小涉及从事艺术音乐和设计领域,热衷于先锋艺术。个人艺术实践作品挖掘探索女性主观课题。