Reflect The Truth

Two channel HD Video, 4’45”

There were hundreds of us, standing in array, marching forwards. It’s a daily routine in school.
I almost forgot this marching exercise until I met a Chinese waiter in London.

How often have you been bothered by any of the following problems?
Wall installation: archival inkjet prints in various papers, mounted and framed, variable dimensions.

This is normally how the process starts. A while later, a solution is provided. We follow it, hoping the problem will be eliminated. I tried to cheer you up. But I couldn’t. One day you came back from hospital, with some medicines. Professionals said you were biologically ill. I couldn’t believe it. The medicines didn’t help you get better.
Then you stopped taking them. I had too much to do. I could not let you to drag me into your abyss.
I left, feeling selfish and cruel.
A while after I left, you told me you had recovered. I asked how.
You didn’t say anything specific: ‘It’s just gone’.

When I found myself in a place where knowledge is subverted and affliction sublimated, I was finally able to make sense of what we had been through.

Yuxin Jiang (姜宇欣) is a visual artist and writer working with photography, writing, moving image and installation. Her work addresses social issues, often ubiquitous but hidden, dialectically. Born in Shanghai and currently based in London, she has been exhibited across the UK and been publishing with Ray Art Centre in image-based art writing. She is also the co-founder of Image Assembly, an artist collective group working with text and image.


双通道高清录像, 4’45”
Flash Forward摄影大奖英国区获奖者之一(2016),马格南图片社及伦敦摄影艺术博览会新晋摄影师奖提名(2016)。作品曾在英国多地画廊,艺术机构展出。2016年起与瑞象馆合作有专栏《伦敦艺评》。